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What do you want to eat today?

How it works

Browse for food

You browse from our selection of our tasty food you want to eat, from our team of restaurants near your area.

Place an order

After seeing what you wish to eat, you place an order on our App and pay on the App for your order. Cool and easy.

Food gets prepared

You wait for the food you’ve just ordered. The restaurants will be busy preparing your food and keep in touch with you.

Order gets completed

Your food gets delivered to your home or work, typically within an hour. Or, if you prefer, you may collect your order.

Become one of our partners today

We would be happy to have you become one of our awesome restaurant partners. We work with you to bring you customers, via our awesome food delivery App, who want to eat great and tasty food from your restaurant. That’s where you come in!

Join us today as one of our drivers

We would be delighted to have you join our awesome team of drivers!. We work with you and our team of restaurants to bring customer orders to you, via our cool App. Flip the switch to Available and get ready to pick up orders. That’s where you shine!

All the variety of food you need is available on our food delivery App

We have different types of cuisines to feed your craving. They include African dishes, Toasted sandwiches, Tripe and Bunny Chows. Your typical Kasi food.

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Bunny chows

Eish… we know… We have different types of bunny chows for you. These include mince and mash with spicy atchaar, as well as bunny chows that have potato chips, lettuce, lean meat and mango atchaar.

How about wine and steak?

When you don’t feel like bread or rice or pap, we have different types of food for you. For example we have the finest wines with great steaks just for you. Juicy pieces only. Just great, hey?

Track your order

After placing the order from your favourite restaurant, you will be able to track the status of your order. Track it being prepared in the kitchen. See it coming your way. Track the driver coming your way. And see it being delivered to your door.

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